Dr Cassandra Anderson-Monroe

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Dr. Cassandra Anderson-Monroe is a board-certified psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner with a wealth of experience in providing psychiatric and mental health services across various settings. With a background as both a registered nurse and an advanced practice registered nurse, Dr. Anderson-Monroe has honed her skills in delivering compassionate care to individuals seeking support for a range of mental health concerns.

Dr. Anderson-Monroe’s professional journey has seen her working in inpatient units, outpatient practices, transitional living facilities, and community mental health centers. This diverse experience has shaped her into a culturally sensitive practitioner who values building strong, non-judgmental relationships with her clients. She believes in the inherent desire of all individuals to lead fulfilling lives and strives to support them in achieving their goals.

In her practice, Dr. Anderson-Monroe specializes in assessing and treating psychiatric and mental health disorders such as ADHD, major depressive disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders, among others. She approaches each client’s care with a focus on developing a deep understanding of their unique needs and collaboratively creating patient-centered treatment plans.

Dr. Anderson-Monroe places a high priority on the initial evaluation process, viewing it as an opportunity to establish a therapeutic relationship and gain insight into her client’s goals and aspirations. She is dedicated to supporting her clients on their journey towards emotional well-being and invites individuals to reach out to her to begin this collaborative process today.